Commercial Cleaning NYC


Clean Up your Office with Commercial Cleaning NYC

Commercial Cleaning NYC proudly offers affordable rates for commercial customers with large office carpeting.

If you want to make your work place look and feel cleaner, try our local commercial cleaning NYC carpet services.

The carpets in your office see heavy rolling traffic throughout the busy work day.It collects dirt and stains which cause long-term damage and unpleasant eye-sores.

Clean up the mess in your office with a carpet cleaning service from Commercial Cleaning NYC.

An Experienced, Professional Commercial Clean

At Commercial Cleaning NYC, we offer the most competitive rates and friendly, personalized service. Our experienced technicians work with you every step of the way to make your cleaning service as complete as possible.

They answer all your questions completely and work carefully. Our commercial cleaning NYC technicians treat your office with respect and care as they remove dirt and stains.

Our Commercial Cleaning NYC Approach

We use environmentally-friendly, efficient wall-to-wall carpet cleaning equipment, instead of the less-effective industry standard rotary cleaning machines. The carpet cleaning equipment at Commercial Cleaning NYC gives you a more detailed and thorough clean.

Our carpet cleaning equipment extracts the dirt, allergens and even germs, deeply embedded and hidden in the carpet fibers. We help you create a healthier work place by using more efficient cleaning equipment.

Effective Green Cleaning Products

Our commercial cleaning NYC technicians use cleaning skills developed over years of experience. With the help of powerful extraction techniques, we extract the toughest stains and dirt from all carpet fibers. We provide you with a unparalleled deep clean.

We also use our unique line of non-toxic, organic carpet cleaning products and stain removers. They keep your office healthy and clean without the use of harsh chemicals. Our organic products maintain the safety of the environment without compromising quality cleanliness.

After a carpet cleaning from Commercial Cleaning NYC, you and your co-workers will enjoy a renewed and refreshed workspace.