Upholstery Cleaning NYC


Fresh Look for Furniture with Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Choose a complete upholstery cleaning service from Upholstery Cleaning NYC.

Like all loved items in your home, spots and stains from various spills start to populate your upholstery.

But, before you throw away your favorite piece of furniture, call Upholstery Cleaning NYC for help.

Quality Care, Expert Upholstery Knowledge

Our expert upholstery technicians make your sofa or armchair look fantastic again. They completely remove all traces of grime, dirt, spots and stains.

The upholstery cleaning NYC team goes deep into the crevices without damaging seam or stitches. Using professional extraction equipment, they carefully pull out stains and embedded dirt deep beneath the surface.

During the upholstery cleaning service, we clean, refresh and protect all types of upholstery fabrics. Whether you have a natural (leather, cotton, suede) or synthetic textile (microfiber, polyester, linen), our upholstery cleaning NYC technicians knowledgeably apply the correct methods and cleaning products.

At Upholstery Cleaning NYC, we use organic, non-toxic products specifically designed for furniture cleaning. These products are gentle on your pieces without compromising on quality.

You can watch as dirt instantly releases from your furniture. After an Upholstery Cleaning NYC treatment, you have a clean and organic place to rest your head.

A Cleaner Choice, More Options

When you choose Upholstery Cleaning NYC, one of our technicians promptly evaluates your upholstery’s needs and decides on the right treatment.

Using deep-cleaning treatments, we remove all kinds of stains, including wine, grease and chocolate, and embedded dirt from most heavily trafficked areas. We leave your furniture looking new and smelling fresh.

At Upholstery Cleaning NYC, we can also perform a re-upholstery service to your piece. We have a variety of different fabrics that give your furniture a whole new look.

Give your living room a face lift at a fraction of the price by using Upholstery Cleaning NYC‘s re-upholstery service.