Rug Cleaning NYC


Trust Rug Cleaning NYC with your Special Rug

At Rug Cleaning NYC, we use a combination of traditional and modern cleaning techniques during our effective, yet gentle, rug cleaning service.

We work in the local, NYC metro area and surrounding neighborhoods. Our rug cleaning experts give your area rug the attention and care it deserves. Trust Rug Cleaning NYC with you fine, treasured area rug.

Area Rugs as Art, Storytellers

Area rugs are more than just simple floor coverings. Area rugs come from all corners of the map. They tell special stories through the details in the fabric.

They come from loved family members and forgotten time periods. They carry with them both monetary and sentimental value.

Our Dedicated Rug Service

When it comes time to clean your area rug, you need a local and trusted rug cleaning NYC service to treat it right. At Rug Cleaning NYC, we love your fine area rug as much as you.

We use proper cleaning products and non-detectable methods to restore the cleanliness of your rug. We also offer free pick-up and return delivery service. Our complete rug cleaning NYC service comes to you at a competitive price.

Our Complete, Tender Process

Rug Cleaning NYC offers you a quick, convenient service with our rug cleaning process.

To start, we pick up your rug and deliver it to our state-of-the-art service facility. We then thoroughly vacuum the rug to loosen dirt and dust particles.

We continue the process by soaking your rug in a re-vitalizing pre-conditioning solution. At Rug Cleaning NYC, our rug experts use only organic cleaning products.

These products maintain the delicacy of your area rug while completely eliminating dirt and stains.

After the pre-conditioning treatment, we rinse the rug completely and dry it evenly in a climate-controlled room. Finally, we groom it carefully and perform a final inspection before returning it to you.

So whether your rug is Oriental, wool, silk or synthetic, leave it in our capable hands. You will not be disappointed with the rug cleaning service from Rug Cleaning NYC.